The Many Faces of SEO


Now, in the beginning SEO was just optimizing a web page. Things have changed, and SEO involves WAY more than that. You have to optimize for desktop and mobile web search, those are just table stakes. But at this point there is SOOOOO much more.

You’ve got local search, which is huge. If you’re a local business that relies on foot traffic or local searchers, there’s a whole separate set of ranking factors just for local search results. NAP. Citations. Centroid bias.

You have to optimize for image search. There are a specific set of tactics for image search alone. There are also some cool tricks you can play in image search. If you go look for Volkswagen Google Image Ad, you’ll see a cool example.

There’s video search, which is huge. Did you know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? 3 billion+ searches a month! If you aren’t playing in the video space, you should be, and it also has its own set of rules and optimizations.

If you have a mobile app, there’s a whole set of SEO rules for app store search results that you’ll need to understand.

And then you have international SEO. While the basic ranking rules apply, there are a number of special factors for ranking in other countries. Localization of language. Hreflang tags. IP detection. Links from relevant ccTLDs. If you have an online presence outside the US, and you aren’t doing proper localized versions of your site, you could be missing out on an enormous opportunity.

And now we’re starting to see more and more voice search. Alexa. Siri. Hey Google. Understanding how voice search works, the types of results that are favored on each platform (as relevant to your business), and what people prefer to interact with on voice search will become more critical going forward.

We’re also now starting to see search come from within VR, as VR platforms have web browsers built in. We’ll see more search in this fashion as VR gets better and expansive virtual worlds get built out. We’ll see something similar, but still different, when augmented reality takes off (which might be happening soon thanks to Apple, Magic Leap, Facebook, and Microsoft).

Imagine the very, very different sorts of searches that will occur when you see a virtual world overlaid across the real one? The ability to visually search by glancing at a product to find reviews, low prices, etc. The times, they are a changing’.

All of this is to show you that SEO is far, far more than you may think it is. And that you need to understand your business, your market, and your users, so that you know which facets of SEO to invest in.