Part 2 Overview


Hi, and welcome to Module 2 of SEO Simplified. Today we're going to talk about why SEO is important.

Understanding how SEO fits into your overall business strategy, your marketing strategy, is the first step in doing good SEO.

For starters, SEO is just one channel of many that are available to you. It's a good one, but it's not the only one out there, and it's important to understand what the other channels are, and particularly how SEO fits into the mix.

It's also important to understand that SEO is about driving traffic to your site from Organic Search. But there are many other channels that drive traffic to your site, such as paid search, direct traffic, or referral traffic. SEO is just one part of a big mix.

Now, conversion rate wise, SEO performs really well. Organic traffic tends to convert better than almost any other source of traffic, with some exceptions, but usually.

SEO tends to have a high-ish upfront cost, depending on your space, but by far the best long-term ROI of any channel.

SEO however is not a quick flip type of approach, you're not going to put money in, pull a lever, and get multiples out. It's not paid search.

SEO is more like Warren Buffett style investing. You do a lot of research, you pick the right thing, you put a bunch of money into it upfront because you know that it's going to pay dividends long-term. That's SEO.

SEO requires work, commitment, and upfront cost in order to reap rewards over a long period of time...but those rewards can be awesome, and it's worth it when you do it right.

We're also going to talk about when not to do SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not right for every industry. There are some spaces where investing money in SEO will be a total waste of your money. There are some phases of business where investing in SEO will also be a total waste of your money. And understanding what those different things are is going to be important.

Last but not least, I'm going to dive into the barriers to success. Now SEO isn't easy, especially if you're going after a competitive space. And understanding the hurdles you're going to face, and setting realistic expectations for your business, that's critical. And I'm going to teach you how to do that and why it's important.